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5Professional handyman for your home or office
5Affordable prices for high-quality handyman services in London
5Free individual consultation for odd jobs and exclusive offers

Professional Handyman Service in London

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible services for your needs. We can face all challenges and find solutions to all problems. Whatever fixing services you need, our local handyman experts are the right choice.

Our goal is always to meet your expectations and leave your place exactly how you wanted it. For major repairs and small fixing, installations, fitting or resealing in London – we guarantee top 100% quality from our handyman experts. | ВиК услуги

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Advantages of FixMan

High Quality

We work towards the best results and top quality services.

Competitive prices

We provide free individual quotes and flexible price offers.


We fulfil our commitments and always meet your expectations.


We bond with our customers through trusted communication.

Expert handyman assistance in London

If you have been postponing a renovation at your home in London and you have urgent handyman needs that you don’t or can’t deal with, it is time you finally take that step.

With FixMan, it is now easy, affordable, and fast! Not only that, but you’ll get the best results for minimal costs.

We will guide you, help with the diagnostics of the problem that needs to be fixed and then take care of it in no time. You can trust us for any odd jobs, emergency fixes, renovations, or installations.

Your comfort is our top priority so we will come as soon as possible at a convenient time for you

Our experts have years of experience, and you can trust them with any local handyman work you need! They will simply take care of every little detail.

Client Testimonials

“I booked FixMan for some plumbing services as my shower was broken, and no warm water would flow. I must say I was stunned by the professionalism these guys have! When the handyman came to my house and took care of everything so fast, I was more than happy! Definitely going to recommend FixMan to all my friends.”
Harper W.

“Last month I needed furniture assembling, and the guys from FixMan were just the right choice! They work fast, very clean, and the prices are just awesome. Next time I need a worker at home, I know who to call. Thanks!”
Mason T.

“I wasn’t going to call a professional, but when I messed up everything about my bathroom sink, I just had to. Thankfully, FixMan came and saved the day! Next time I won’t try to be the hero, and I will trust the experts.”
James H.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the price of the service determined?

We will prepare an exclusive offer for you according to what your specific needs are — taking into account sizes, types, requirements, urgency, needed materials, and more.

Does the offer include the price of the materials?

We give you the opportunity to choose between working with our materials and materials that you’ve selected elsewhere. Our offer contains the final price of the service, depending on the choice made.

How long will I wait for the offer to be ready?

We will make sure you have your individual offer for 1 to 3 working days. We will contact you within 24 hours after submitting your request to confirm the details.

Can I contact you for emergencies?

We aim to work at the most convenient time for you, so this means we often come at non-working hours or holidays. For emergency services, you can call us until 7:00pm. Keep in mind that during the week our office staff works by a standard – Monday – Sunday from 07.00am – 07.00pm