Adding a personal touch to your home is always a great idea! All you need is fresh paint and some decoration. This can transform every room into a cosy and nice place. From choosing the right colours to looking for new art pieces, this excitement can easily become very overwhelming. Once the first coat is drying, you’ve already got paint spots all over your hair and clothes. It really starts playing on your nerves, doesn’t it! At this point, a lot of us would turn to a professional painter and decorator in order to get the job well done. Although paintwork is often considered a DIY job, it can be beneficial to hire an expert. More precision techniques as cutting-in can be difficult and extremely time-consuming for a regular enthusiast. Professional painters and decorators will save you all the hustle!

But how much do these services cost?

There are a few factors affecting the prices, starting with the location. The cost of hiring a professional wall-painter in London could be higher than hiring one in Durham. Also, the price of painting and decorating your home will vary greatly depending on the extent of the project. Do you want to paint just one room or the whole property?

We are sharing with you a list of average rates for professional painting and decorating services for 2021.

Wall Area Cost of painting a room
15m² £210
30m² £390
60m² £795
You want to know if it is worth it? Here is a useful tip – Calculate the cost of all materials and equipment you would need to buy, also how much money would you lose to take the time off your work in case you do painting yourself. Compare that to the cost of hiring a painter and make your choice. You see, hiring a professional is not that expensive!

It is time to choose the right company for your project. To make it easier, we prepared a few steps you need to consider:

  • Do not compromise with experience, even if it costs more!

We all can splash a coat of paint up, but a good skill level is what makes the difference! Cutting in, covering up damp, and getting a consistent finish is not an easy task.

There are many painters and decorators out there who are skilled, trustworthy, and hardworking! With FixMan’s proficiency and ability to multitask, you’ll soon find your home looking fresh and new.
  • Good professional services could additionally help you with:

– An experienced decorator has a critical eye! Ask them what they think about the colours you’re considering. – They will likely be able to source you all kinds of specific and unusual items like skirting that matches the originals within your home. – Also bear in mind that professional decorators get the best prices on materials. This can save you a lot of money! – We all have additional jobs that need completing. Your professional painter will for sure touch up old paintwork, for example.

Unfortunately, complications like mould, damp, or plastering occur very often. Only a professional painter has the skills to identify and rectify any problems regarding the suitability of your existing walls.

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  • Do your homework and examine the condition of your property!

– Damp patches need a sealant added before starting with the painting work. – Ceilings that are stained with nicotine will need to be cleaned very well before any painting can begin. – Peeling gloss on woodwork will require a ‘burn off. – If there is wallpaper, better remove it yourself.

All these jobs take time and cost extra money, so if you don’t want to pay just DIY, it is actually an easy thing to do.
  • The bigger projects mean better prices.

It is better to hire a professional painter and decorator for a large job instead of several small, one-off projects. Make a simple calculation and you will see that painting two rooms at the same time will always be cheaper than adding the costs for a single room together.

  • Keep costs low by hiring out of season.

At a certain period of the year, painters are super busy and as a result, their prices go higher. Summer is usually the worst time to start your project as it is the peak season for interior painting. Try to avoid this time and get the job well done in a low season month. January/ February is the best for finding lower prices! We are happy to share our experience and help with anything else due to your particular needs. Do not waste more time – send us your request! Feel free to share all your considerations! We will give you our best offer with no obligations at all!