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Top finishing repairs with precise application of plaster and putty in a multi-component plastering process for best results

Skilled Plasterers in London

We are dedicated to always proceed with the optimal care for your home or office. We cover both external and internal walls, and you will have your place looking perfectly in no time! This is one of the essential processes of a renovation as it makes the place look finished and ready to get the beauty process started. It is crucial for us to do it the best way possible.
No matter what the basis of the surface is – brick, aerated concrete, concrete, cement or other – we will prepare the area and then start with the rest of the work. We take care of the preparing, as well as the choice of materials, the application, shaping and curing, and finishing it with a slight touch for perfection.

Plastering Services at your home, office or other

With care for every detail, we only aim optimal results. Thanks to the many years of experience they have, our professionals have built up a perfectly working system with optimised processes and fast applying of plaster. By trusted our handymen, you will have a home that looks not only cosy but also with an artistic look and an impressive completion.
Furthermore, you will get a plastering construction that is very resistant to moisture and offers thermal and sound isolation. We only use trusted materials and tools so that the basis is well prepared and the plastering results flawlessly. We guarantee quality and performance control until the very last moment for your full satisfaction.

Advantages of FixMan

High Quality

We work towards the best results and top quality services.

Competitive prices

We provide free individual quotes and flexible price offers.


We fulfil our commitments and always meet your expectations.


We bond with our customers through trusted communication.

Why you should choose FixMan

  • Preparation, process, and implementation – You can trust us to take care of every process of plastering – preparation and execution with care for every step of the way.
  • High-quality materials and tools – We want to make sure you get only the top services, so we also choose high-quality materials and tools to work with!
  • Low prices – For Lonon and London’s area, our plastering services are among the cheapest and at the same time, one of the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply only decorating plastering?

Yes, we can. There are many different plastering options you can choose from, so feel free to share your ideas with us, and we’ll make sure you get your home or office the way you wanted it!

Is wall preparation included in the price?

You should know that different walls require different preparation. This depends on whether it is applied on an old plaster, what is the surface of the wall and other factors. Dying and cleaning the walls as part of the preparation process before plastering, is included in the process and the price.

Will you take care of the needed materials?

Yes, we will make sure all the needed materials are provided as we make sure they are only high-quality and at the most affordable prices possible.

How can I contact you?

You can give us a call as soon as you know what services you need for your premises. We will discuss booking options and the specifics of your offer. You can also fill the contact form and wait for our response – as soon as possible!